rituals of renewal





As a part of our partnership with Aveda and as an enhancement to the experience of our guests we are pleased to offer Rituals of Renewal. Also known as Moments of Wellness, these rituals serve to fully engross our guests in their salonspa experience. Each service with us entitles you to one or more Moment of Wellness. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of an escape as you navigate your life but don’t have an appointment for a service, please feel free to stop in and enjoy a cup of tea and allow a member of our team to perform one of these rituals on you to ease your tension.

Feel Comfort
Enjoy a warm cup of Aveda Tea or our signature Atelier Tea. With each sip, allow the steam to fully flow onto your face and relieve feelings of stress.

Feel Relief
Utilizing Aveda lotions with varying Pure-Fume signature scents, a member of our team will perform a rehydration of your hand and wrist with special attention being paid to areas of tension.

Feel Balanced
A combination of smell and touch, enjoy a series of deep breaths as you identify which of your seven centers of energy are imbalanced and guide that energy back into alignment.

Feel Stress-Free
Featuring sea salt and a custom Aveda Signature Pure-Fume fragrance.

Feel Invigorated
While your hair is being shampooed, enjoy a scalp massage focusing on key aryuvedic pressure points and featuring one of Aveda’s Pure-Fume fragranced signature composition oils.

Feel Rejuvenated
Relax and embrace the salonspa experience with a stimulation of the neck and shoulder muscles.

Feel Comfort
Enjoy a cup of soothing Aveda Comforting Tea.

Feel Complete
A finishing touch of Aveda cosmetics or Aveda Pure-Fume.

Feel Refreshed
Relax with a hot towel facial cleansing and toning.

Feel Pure
Purify your hands with an aromatic steam towel hand cleansing.

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