Women’s Cut
Each hand crafted haircut begins with a consultation to determine needs and includes, complimentary, a shampoo and style using AVEDA’s high performance range of products.
Girl’s Cut
For girls 10 years of age and under, each service includes a complimentary consultation, shampoo and style. For children with the length or density of an adult additional charges may apply.
Shampoo & Style
A high-performance shampoo is followed by a blowout using AVEDA styling products
Thermal Style
A shampoo and blowdry using AVEDA high-performance styling products followed by a thermal style to achieve straight or curled results
Formal Style
These styles will range from a formal downstyle to a fully upstyled head of hair and each look is custom crafted. Please come with hair clean and air dried to your natural texture and remember to wing a button up shirt for easy removal later. Pricing will depend on the amount of hair that is styled.


Botanical Therapy Hair or Scalp Treatment
Created harnessing the healing power of plants, the Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment is customized to deliver results. With two options, one for dry hair and one for damaged hair, the treatment renews hair’s vitality and leaves it feeling strong and smooth. The Botanical Therapy Scalp Treatment targets various problems with the scalp from sensitivity to dandruff to oily conditions and flakes.
Invati Thinning Treatment
A treatment of the scalp, the Invati Thinning Treatment begins with a Botanical Therapy scalp treatment to remove congestion and buildup. Invati Exfoliation Shampoo follows to prime the follicles for the scalp revitalizer and then Thickening Conditioner plumps each individual strand. Finally Invati Scalp Revitalizer is applied to the scalp and massaged in to stimulate growth.
Express Keratin Treatment
A mini version of a keratin smoothing treatment, the Express Keratin Treatment seals in color and smooths the cuticle for minimal curl reduction and maximum frizz reduction. Results are expected to last 4-6 weeks when shampooed with sulfate and salt free products.
Flash Foil
A mini highlighting service consisting of 10 or less foils placed around the face, a Flash Foil provides a bright finish without the full commitment of a true highlight and is a great add on to any cut or color service.

Each member of our team is given a title ranging from studio stylist to lead stylist and studio colorist to lead colorist; these titles fall in-line with a competitive level system to encourage growth both professionally and personally. These titles in no way denote experience and reflect more the demand for each team member’s time. This allows us to reward our team members for seeking advanced education and for delivering a full service experience to their guests. Pricing listed is the starting pricing for each service and will vary depending on the level of the stylist or colorist. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Online Booking

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