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Aveda Aroma Body Scrub

60 min.
90 min.
This full body experience starts off with a sensory journey to select your ideal Aveda Pure-Fume profile. A full body oleation is performed using Aveda composition oil. A scrub of sea salt is worked into the skin to remove dullness and increase radiance. A series of hot towels are applied to remove the scrub and the body is rehydrated.

Aveda Aroma Body Masque

60 min.
90 min.
Perfect for detoxifying and replenishing your Aveda Aroma Body Wrap experience begins by selecting your favorite Aveda Aroma purefume scent profile. After a dry brush body exfoliation an oleation is performed using Aveda composition oil. A hydrating masque is applied to the back, legs and arms and the body is wrapped. A massage of the scalp and feet is performed and the masque is removed with a warm towel. Then the body is rehydrated to complete the experience.

Outer Peace Acne Back Treatment

30 min.
60 min.
Utilizing the Aveda Outer Peace line which features organic wintergreen derived salicylic acid and witch hazel the Outer Peace Acne Back Treatment calms acne outbreaks and reduces redness while helping to detoxify the back and remove toxins that can cause irritation on the skin.


Add A Focus Touch Enhancement To Any Massage, Bodycare or Skincare Service Without Increasing Your Time

Energizing Eye Treatment
Utilizing caffeine, coffee and licorice this treatment reduced the appearance of darkness and puffiness and includes marma point massage.
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
Remove dead surface cells and increase radiance while decreasing fine lines to reverse aging.
Mini Focus Plant Peel
A mini version of the 30 min. Perfecting Plant Peel, the Focus Plant Peel adds a layer of checmical exfoliation to any facial to increase radiance without promoting redness.

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